Bessy z Dračího údolí

Date of birth 2014-11-28
pedigree number: CMKU/BOM/7544/14

colour: fauve, dark mask, short coat 

sir: Veneur de Alphaville Bohemia

dam: Moja Laroja

Working certificate: ZOP, BH, SPr1, SPr2
Traning IPO1 

Bessy is great. She is full of energy and temperament, she is quick, pretty, clever and musculous female. She is perceptive, she is glad to learn and is easy learning, loves work and she is keen on traning. She is keen on everything.

The best reward for her is the ball, it is the best thing in the world for her.

Bessy has got excelent socialisation, she can join me anywhere. She is not disturbed by anything that does not disturb me. She is very sensitive.

Now Bessy is pregnant with Artusch Malijack. We are awaiting our first litter. You can find Pedigree details of our expected litter  zde

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