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Ulmabess - Belgian Shepherd (Malinois) Kennel

I have loved animals, and especially dogs, ever since my early childhood, or at least every since I can remember. It is thus not surprising that I always wanted to have my own dog. Because we have lived in small city apartment, this dream was very difficult to achieve. For a long time, I had to do just with "small" animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rats or goldfish. Already this was a big compromise that my parents had made...

Since I could not have my own dog, I would often go borrow somebody else's. I would take them for long walks, do all sorts of things with them... While my friends were happy when they could borrow a stroller with a "real child" and go out for a walk, I was the happiest with a dog by my side, regardless of what breed it was. I remained determined that one day, I will have my own dog! Finally, when I turned 14, this dream became true...

Friends of my parents, whose dog I often borrowed, decided to help me to convince them. They came to our house, ready to support me, when I arrived with my first dog - Cyr, German Shepherd without pedigree. In fact, in the end nobody said a word and since then, dogs have become an integral part of our family.

When my second dog, Assim (again German Shepherd without pedigree) passed away, it was crystal clear what breed my next dog would be. For some time already, I was dreaming about having a Malinois - I only feared that whether I would be able to care properly for such an animal. But in any case, the very next day after my poor Assim has left me, I went to choose my Malinois puppy. At this time, the public awareness started to rise about the problem of "puppy mills" or "puppy farms" (where Assim likely also came from). For this reason, I decided that my Malinois would be for the first time an animal with a pedigree; also, for the first time, I decided to have a female.

I have never regret that I made this step - in fact, I think it is the best decision I could have taken.

So, I am pleased to introduce you my Belgian Shepherd Malinois girl - Bessy z Draciho udoli, with whom I have founded my kennel Ulmabess. The name of the kennel is a combination of her name and mine.